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vision of safety

Embedding a safety culture? Securing knowledge, organisation and behaviour? You can count on us!

Yellow safety - people-oriented with a look at the future - is about cultureware: collective safety behaviour within the organisation.

The way in which the organisation as a whole deals with occupational safety.

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inspiring vision 

An inspiring vision, backed up by a consequent policy, is essential to take the organisation to a higher safety level.

creative workshops

Brief workshops that raise awareness about safety and safety behaviour within the organisation in a creative manner

safety ownership

Taking sustainable safety and wellbeing at work to an ever higher level calls for safety ownership.

train the trainer 

To ensure the long-term impact of efforts in the areas of knowledge, organisation and behaviour. 'Train the trainer' programs allow you to develop the necessary in-house knowledge to continue to promote and embed safe behaviour.

Creativity is thinking new things, Innovation is doing new things

Prof. Th. Levitt – Harvard University

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