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behaviour and safety

Raising the awareness of your employees about safe behaviour? Making safe work practices part of your corporate DNA? You can count on us!

Red safety - people-oriented with focus on the here and now - is also known as safety-peopleware. Stakeholders are not only senior management, hierarchical line and operators, but also contractors. Red safety is therefore focused primarily on the development of safety leadership/behaviour/communication of all employees.

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safety leadership 

Leadership has a big influence on behaviour and behavioural change. Inspiring leadership, visibility on the workfloor, role model behaviour and consistent leadership are the basis of safety leadership.

safety communication

How do we discuss safety, how do we approach others? And what communication policy should we adopt to create and enhance awareness about safety and wellbeing? Ask us how we can help you. 


Did you you know that 95% of what we learn is learned by doing? Basic knowledge is necessary, but practice is essential for lasting success. That is why coaching is included in all our programs.

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