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Safety Culture

Safety Culture expert Samurai at Work helps your company create a sustainable safety culture.
We achieve this not on the basis of procedures, but by improving safety behaviour and culture.

Safety Culture Expert

Working on a safety culture is an organic growth process in which involving and motivating people is essential. We offer a complete concept with consultancy, training & coaching,
with a scientifically-based, no-nonsense approach which has matured through over ten years' experience.

Safety Culture: an integrated approach

We offer a complete approach

  • in which senior management, line managers and blue collar staff are all involved.
  • in which what we learn in the classroom is translated to the shop floor. We don't offer just theory, but also effective in practice.

Our services:

  • Advice & Support

Our consultants are experts in safety, leadership, behaviour, motivation and involvement, change. To name but a few topics.

Our advice is always based on models supported by science and that have been proven to work in practice. Would you like to benefit from the experience and lessons that other companies have already learned in similar processes or situations? We are honoured to put this expertise to the service of your organisation.

  • Training & Coaching

Do you want to hone specific skills in the area of safety culture? Are you looking for a cast-iron programme to do this? We are happy to put together a custom programme for your organisation. Our trainers combine years of experience in practice with a passion for people and development, for motivating and entert(r)aining.

Did you know that 95% of what we learn, we learn by doing? Basic knowledge is necessary, but practice is essential to achieve sustainable success. That is why we like to include coaching sessions.

  • Measuring Safety Culture

How do you measure Safety Culture? How do people think about safety? What do they regard as risks, what does and does not cause them concern? How mature is your organisation when it comes to Safety Culture? 
​​​​​​​We have worked out a measurement tool with interactive sessions by groups of coworkers

  • Safety Change Programs

Tailor-made programs to help your company take the next steps in Safety Culture. With 10 years of experience with over 300 companies, we have a pretty good idea how to do that.

  • Safety Day

An instructive and fun Safety Day? Yes, we can! A Safety Day is an ideal way to involve your employees in the vision and values of safety at work. Safety and well-being can be brought in an interactive and playful way just as well. We offer several short workshops / inspiration sessions that are perfectly suitable for this purpose.
We can take care of the entire Safety Day for your company or pimp your safety day with some creative workshops.

Still searching for a solution?

We offer customised solutions! Not found what you were looking for? Contact us and we help you find it!

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