A little history

Our history in a safe nutshell, starting in 2004. A look at our evolution, our certificates.

we were not like anybody else

Our history in a safe nutshell

started end 2004

  • merger of 3 companies: Vandeputte Safety Solutions, Irea, and Centurion Consult
  • four employees, one office, one starting point: to drastically change and improve the world of safety. The key: an integrated total approach to arrive at a sustainable safety culture

on the market in 2005

  • fighting like a Samurai, legacies from the past are dealt with, at the same time looking for structure and firm ground: this is surviving

2007, the year of the turnaround

  • vision, strategy, culture and structure are as solid as a rock
  • real growth has begun, the year ends in the black despite the difficult times

meanwhile in 2015...

  • recognised as expert, both internationally and nationally
  • 17 employees, and as many permanent assistants in the field, 400m²
  • office space and looking for new offices, an impressive portfolio
  • the new house style marks our commitment to further professional expansion without losing our DNA


Overview of recognitions and certificates

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14001 is a standard in field of environmental management developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

An environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard seeks to control and, where possible, reduce business environmental risks. ISO 14001 certification is no general obligation, but may be required by some municipalities when granting an environmental permit. Larger companies, and governmental entities in particular, often include ISO 14001 certification as a requirement in their tendering procedures.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 2008 is a well-known standard that imposes requirements on an organisation's quality management system.

An organisation that receives this certificate complies with the requirements of the standard. This is a sign for the organisation and its customers that the organisation has implemented quality management (care, control and assurance) in a predefined and structured way.

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

OHSAS 18001 contains the requirements that should be met by a sound safety management system. The standard has the same objective as ISO 9001 (version 1994, quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

OHSAS 18001 certification is applied by organisations that seek to effectively control occupational risks.

Prebestip Certificate

In 2011, Samurai@Work was the first to receive the Prebestip certificate for the development and publication of the Safety Culture Box.

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